Navigating the corporate-owned life insurance (COLI) and bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) marketplace can be challenging as numerous drivers of change have reshaped the current landscape. We can help you assess your needs through analysis of key factors—feasibility, product appropriateness, employee census, and other key areas—to help determine the best solution.

COLI is an efficient way for corporations to fund benefits, such as nonqualified deferred compensation plans, SERPs, and other employee benefit arrangements. COLI can be an attractive and effective option as an investment vehicle for corporations of all sizes, offering tax-deferred growth of cash flows, tax-free benefit proceeds, and flexible access to policy values. By working with you to create a customized COLI plan we can provide a diverse selection of investment options that will help you attract and retain key employees, offer supplemental retirement benefits, and protect your company from the untimely loss or exit of a key employee.

For decades, BOLI has been used to offset the costs of new and existing employee benefit plans. Tax-deferred investment options available through the use of BOLI make BOLI a unique and beneficial option for both banks and corporations. We can assist you in developing goals and objectives regarding your BOLI portfolio and monitor your portfolio through our personalized BOLI planning process. We are committed to helping you provide valuable future benefits, both through qualified and nonqualified plans, to your key employees.