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A Passion for Distinction

M Financial Group was founded on the principle that “off-the-shelf” products often do not meet the needs of ultra-affluent and corporate clients. Since 1978, M Financial has worked closely with the nation’s most prestigious insurance carriers and investment firms to develop innovative products with unique features and flexible options that complement the needs and objectives of Member Firm clients.

Proprietary products are a natural fit for M Financial. Together, we apply the best practice in the industry, have a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and consistently distinguish ourselves from the competition. We are creative and innovative, and are always looking for better ways to help Member Firms achieve their clients’ goals. A number of factors drive M Financial’s success with proprietary products, including:

Relationships— The strong, long-term relationships Member Firms maintain with clients, and the deep partnerships M Financial has with a select group of Carriers, allow us to deliver product and service differentiation to Member Firms.

Favorable Experience— With a credible experience pool that clearly reflects the extraordinary mortality, persistency, premium volume, and high average face amounts of ultra-affluent clients, M Financial is in the unique position to work with our Partner Carriers to develop proprietary products priced for the clients of Member Firms.

Inforce Management—M Financial, together with Carriers, continuously monitors the service, experience, and performance of inforce business to ensure that proprietary products continue to be effective. As a result of this unparalleled level of oversight, pricing enhancements, supported by experience data, have historically been applied to both new sales and inforce business, a principle that is rare in the industry.

M Financial’s collective buying power and superior experience (mortality, persistency, and policy size) result in exclusive pricing for proprietary products available to Member Firm clients.

Favorable Experience Fundamentals

Individual Underwritten Mortality Experience by Category

M Financial’s mortality experience—actual death claims—is 28% less than the industry high net worth segment (face amounts greater than $1 million). This lowers cost of insurance charges for M proprietary life products.

M Financial Favorable Experience Fundamentals

Premium Lapse Experience

Even in the wake of the financial crisis, M Financial’s lapse experience—policies that lapse or surrender—is superior to the industry. This provides a longer time horizon for Partner Carriers to recoup initial expenses, which drives lower ongoing policy charges for M proprietary life products.

M Financial Premium Lapse Experience

Average Face Amount

M Financial’s average face amount is more than seven times that of the industry. This provides economies of scale for Partner Carriers that allow for lower policy charges for M proprietary life products.

M Financial Average Face Amount

A History of Sustained Success

Proprietary products continue to be an essential part of M Financial’s success. Since the first M proprietary product was introduced in 1996, M Financial’s sales have grown at a compound annual rate of nearly 17%. Overall, M Member Firms have more than $128 billion of face value inforce and manage client assets totaling more than $31 billion.